Terranoint Pulse Point Flower Power Oils – Set of 6 9ml Master Blends



  • Healing blends of flower essences and essential oils in fractionated coconut oil, designed for application to pulse and acupressure points.

Each formula is a richly layered symphony of flower essences and pure botanical essential oils designed to address diverse structures within the body-soul complex. They offer healing for the most basic issues needing multi-level support and lifestyle boosting during any therapy or wellness program. The TerrAnoint™ formulations are excellent choices for those who are new to flower essences or subtle body healing, as well as supportive aids to those who are deeply immersed in transformative flower essence therapy.

Be Bright – Is indicated for those who suffer from various forms of depression, despondency or dejection. Be bright evokes the potential for change that resides within the soul, transforming darkening and defeating thoughts of Self, and stimulating the full embrace of light and life.

Connect – Helps to see beyond the illusion of separation, learning to take risks and create channels of exploration and adventure for social relationships in all aspects of life. Ability to listen, and to receive.

Protect – Helps initiate and maintain insight and discernment, so that the Core Self is able to be truly healthy, productive and present in life.

Roots – Helps one learn to identify and embrace the ground of life-being as the foundation of health and happiness. This blend helps how to awake and partake in one’s primal Home of Body and Earth.

StressLess  -Addresses the underlying thoughts and energetic responses that contribute to feelings of agitation, anxiety and strain in daily life. Stress-Less helps you to acquire a deeper ability to release, and respond to stress and ultimately re-claim composure and emotional balance.

Wings – Encourages greater connection to spiritual activity, so that its substance can be recognized and activated in the daily life of the soul.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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