Post Surgical Therapies

Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome Treatment

Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome Treatment in Boca Raton, FL

Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome is a type of chronic post operative pain. The symptoms generally are found in the chest, underarm, arm, and hand. They include:

Numbness – Burning Pain – Shooting Pain – Dull Ache – Tingling – Hypersensitivity – Muscle Weakness.

Our treatment of PMPS uses Advanced Lymphatic Therapy which is a blend of therapies that are gentle and non-invasive. ALT includes:

Lymphatic Therapy – Decongests tissues, softens skin, refines scar tissue, and reduces swelling.

LTU 904 Laser – Stimulates lymphatic pumping, softens proteins, refines scar tissue.

Ortho-Bionomy – Reduces muscle tension, increases range of motion, and improves structural alignment which may otherwise be impinging on nerves and vessels.

This is a gentle treatment that respects the integrity of the tissues completely. Symptoms may be relieved with no residual trauma to the surrounding vessels, nerves, or tissues. Self care education is taught and encouraged as a part of our long term approach to well being for the post cancer client.

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