Remote Sessions through “ZOOM”

Ortho Bionomy Students – Private Consultation with Liz Olivas through “Zoom”

1 hour $120.00

Becoming a Registered Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy is an on-going process. It is both a personal process and a process of coming to understand the work and how to utilize it. Maintaining ongoing communication with your advisor and other instructors, is an invaluable aid in moving along in your process. Together we can establish your own mixture of pre-arranged meetings/sessions and ways to check in.

  • Completely customized mentorship
  • Enhance and grow your Practice
  • Guide and Support
  • Feedback

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Ortho Bionomy Self Care Session with Liz Olivas through “Zoom”

1 Hour $120.00

Ortho-Bionomy Self Care is about tuning in to our own inner experience. We become so overloaded with layers of complex stress patterns that we ignore signs and signals that indicate we are out of balance. In this 1 hour remote session you will learn how to recognize the signs and signals and how to move away from the tension and stress patterns, and back towards balance, comfort and ease within ourselves. You will also be introduced to the Lymphatic System, and taught why it is important to take care of your largest detoxifying organ, and how to do so through dry body brushing.​​

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Call or email us with any questions to 561-392-3340,