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The Therapeutic Alternative
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by Ricki Conn on The Therapeutic Alternative

As a cancer survivor, suffering with severe pain for years after bilateral mastectomies, and many years of doctors and many protocols....I was first introduced to a protege of Liz for lymph drainage (she kept me at stage zero) and eventually to Liz for help. I was resigned to living my life in agony, then I met Liz and her team. Her innate ability to ‘see’ into my body, release the glue of scar tissue....followed by the brilliant orthobionomy technique she applied to let the rest of my constricted body loosen up....what a blessing this turned out to be. I have more to go...but the optimism I now feel has enhanced my life! Thanks, Liz and thanks Mary.

by Gene Russo on The Therapeutic Alternative
Thank you!

Under the auspices of Liz, I was referred to Yini I was so troubled with pain in my legs and arms. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt, even after only two sessions. I’m now out of town, but have already made my appointments when my return! Thank you, Liz, Yini.

by Barbara Lazarus on The Therapeutic Alternative

I have been seeing Liz for about a decade. When I first came to her, I was having chronic pain and swelling in my leg and foot from sports injuries and bad habits. Not only has she helped me heal my injuries, but has alleviated my pain through her lymphatic drainage treatments and also using her Ortho-Bionomy techniques. Liz is also a wonderful teacher and through her caring and devotion I have learned how to take care of myself. My journey with Liz has been amazing. I look forward to our sessions together because of the way her great work makes me feel. I am very appreciative for all Liz has done for me. Liz is a true treasure and I have been very blessed having Liz in my life. Thank you again!

by Connie Repplier on The Therapeutic Alternative

I’ve been meaning to write to you for months, because, I think, not a day goes by where I am not grateful for the Ortho-Bionomy lymph workshop you gave (in NY, I think last Spring). HUGE learning experience & major difference in my practice. HUGE!!! I knew from the moment you began the workshop by inviting us to think outside the box, that this was going to be good. So, I thank you! My family thanks you! My clients thank you! Future generations thank you! In other words, THANKS!

by B.W. on The Therapeutic Alternative

Lymphatic drainage is one of the preventative therapies I have received since the mid 90’s – balance- relaxation – connected – peace and a positive all over feeling. It’s great!

by S.F. on The Therapeutic Alternative

I was recently introduced to lymphatic skin brushing at The Therapeutic Alternative. It was recommended to me because I was feeling bloated and constipated. I was amazed at the results after just one treatment and it was so relaxing it put me to sleep. I am now a forever fan of skin brushing.

by Kate W. on The Therapeutic Alternative

I was referred to Liz at the Therapeutic Alternative for severe pain under my arm after my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I had been to see several other therapists with no results. I was medicated for the pain and was limited in my activities. After a number of treatments I was taken off of my pain meds. I felt so much better and my quality of life was greatly improved.