Dandelion Dynamo™ Bath & Body Oil 2oz



To Release Stress and feel Rest.

An energizing oil with the “teeth of the lion” (dents de lion) to cut through muscle tension and constriction. Excellent for full-body massage or bath oil.Fresh blossoms of Dandelion flowers are sun-infused in pure olive, safflower and/or sunflower oils; with vitamin E oil. Potentized into this mixture is the marvelous Palma Christi (castor oil) well known for its health promoting qualities to the liver and general metabolism. The essential oils of Rosemary and Juniper provide awakening qualities for the senses and invigorate the circulation. The flower essences of Dandelion, Tansy and Zinnia address overly phlegmatic and hardened qualities by lifting the soul to greater joy, buoyancy and dynamic balance.


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