Lymphoderm Bathing Solution 32oz

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  • Lymphoderm™ Bathing Solution is an all-natural, pH balancing bath and shower gel that is specially formulated to heal, protect and ease congestion, leaving skin smooth, soft and supple. Rich in antioxidants, botanically-based Lymphoderm™ Bathing Solution is free of artificial fragrances and preservatives. It’s active, all-natural ingredients gently clean and nourish while helping to balance the skin’s pH mantle and immune system, making it perfect for all bathing or shower needs and is a perfect companion for use with Lymphoderm™ Body Lotion The anti-fungal ingredients contained in Lymphoderm Bathing Solution helps fight against fungal infection, which is one of the major skin problems experienced by people with edema or circulatory problems.

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1 review for Lymphoderm Bathing Solution 32oz

  1. Morel

    This was the cure for my dry, flaky, wintertime skin! After only one use of this (and the Lymphoderm lotion), my skin was soft and smooth!

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