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Lymphatic Drainage and Tuning Forks; A Great Combination!

In 1986 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I studied many modalities over the years, when I met Dr. Bruno Chickly and discovered his Lymph Drainage Technique; I knew I had found my calling!    As a lymph drainage therapist I have found that combining my work with tuning forks has been incredibly helpful.  Studies suggest… Read more »

Working with Tuning Forks: It’s a Vibrational Thing!

By Beverly Dowle LMT, LLCC It’s a vibrational thing! Tuning forks are a profound vehicle for transformation through sound and vibration. I was initially introduced to tuning forks in 2003.  At that time, I was studying Acutonics®.  Acutonics® is an energy based treatment which uses acupuncture points as its base.  Tuning forks are placed on… Read more »