Lymphatic Drainage and Tuning Forks; A Great Combination!

In 1986 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I studied many modalities over the years, when I met Dr. Bruno Chickly and discovered his Lymph Drainage Technique; I knew I had found my calling!    As a lymph drainage therapist I have found that combining my work with tuning forks has been incredibly helpful. 

Studies suggest that working with tuning forks may help to move fluid and diminish scar tissue. I had my own experience with a scar that was on my chest wall after having a port removed.  After three treatments it disappeared!   Vibration from tuning forks apparently mobilizes fluids, refines tissue, relaxes nerves and travels 4 times faster than fluid in the air.  

Tuning forks can also be most helpful when working with those who have anxiety.  During the COVID pandemic, many people were tense and much stressed.  Combining lymph drainage with tuning fork vibration I was able to help them to find deep relaxation and comfort within themselves. 

In 1990 I became a Reiki Master so I could put the body, mind and spirit connection altogether. I have also more recently become and Associate of Ortho-Bionomy®.   This combined with the Lymph Drainage Technique and Tuning Forks has been my passion.

I tailor all my treatments to the individual.  It is a great treatment, therapeutic, detoxifying and relaxing.   Come in experience the incredible effect of Lymphatic Drainage combined with Tuning Forks! 

Beverly Dowdle, LMT, LLCC

The Therapeutic Alternative

Boca Raton


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