Lymphatic Drainage as a Boost to the Immune System!

Liz Olivas LMT, CLT

In these times, we are all looking for ways to boost the capacity of our immune system.   Consider the option of a Lymphatic Drainage series.   It can help your immune system function more efficiently and keep toxic waste and a minimum in your body.  Through the hands on and laser techniques and skin brushing,   it has been discovered that the lymphatic system can be stimulated, to do a better job.   In Lymphatic Drainage we work to support, encourage, relax the skin and free up the lymphatic system so it can cleanse your tissues more effectively and more rapidly.   

Lymphatic Drainage helps the immune system by clearing the way.  Think of a hallway filled with trash, you have to move the trash out of the way to pass through the hallway.   This is exactly how Lymphatic Drainage functions in your body, it cleans the hallways ( Tissue Fluids) of waste which allows the Immune system to more efficiently do its job.

 A 5 or 10 Day Series of Lymphatic Treatments is the Ultimate Detox 

A single lymphatic treatment is effective in moving surface fluids.  A series of treatments propels the fluids to flow more easily, which allows a deep cleanse of tissue fluids throughout the body and around the organs.   When the fluids are softened by the skin technique of Lymphatic Drainage they can be accepted by the very tiny lymphatic vessels which move more easily and start pumping wasteful fluids more rapidly.   Where does all this fluid and waste go?  It is voided out of your body when you go to the bathroom!   In fact most people find they urinate more, as waste moves from your skin through the system. 

The Lymphatic is a filtering system, it takes unwanted substances out of the bloodstream and breaks down toxic substance in lymph nodes, and the extra fluid is then removed. Your body holds 600 to 800 Lymph Nodes, these are each a filtering station. Lymph nodes are also repositories of B cells, T cells.  When they are stimulated into action, your  body has plenty of opportunities to cleanse.   Lymphatic Drainage helps it along! 

Hands on Lymphatic Technique, is very relaxing, and removes contractions from skin and tissue.  It frees up lymphatic capillaries that may be caught up in tense tissues.  Laser therapy can help stimulate the lymphatic system.  Combinations of both techniques are optimal!  

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