Working with Tuning Forks: It’s a Vibrational Thing!

By Beverly Dowle LMT, LLCC

It’s a vibrational thing! Tuning forks are a profound vehicle for transformation through sound and vibration.

I was initially introduced to tuning forks in 2003.  At that time, I was studying Acutonics®.  Acutonics® is an energy based treatment which uses acupuncture points as its base.  Tuning forks are placed on specific points on the body to access meridian and chakras systems .  Via Acutonics®, I learned that sound  travels four times faster through water than through air.  Considering that the Human Body is made up of 65% water, this makes the body a great receptor of resonance.  Sound creates vibratory motion, which resonates through our bodies. This means that a tuning fork with a specific frequency, placed on the body, vibrates at a specific rate.  This is turn reflects back through the body’s tissues and fluids, causing them to relax and decongest.  The skill of the therapist is in knowing where and how to use the specialized tuning forks.

At first I used tuning forks with my clients who were musicians. It was a way to treat them quickly, and get good results, as they intuitively understand sound and vibration   In 2002 I became certified as a Lymphatic Drainage Technique therapist at the Dr. Bruno Chikly School.  As a lymphatic therapist, I work with lymphedema, pre and post surgery, scar tissue refinement, and general detox.  It occurred to me that I could be blending the techniques, and use the tuning forks with my lymphatic clients!  They help balance the body, they move fluid, and they soften scar tissue. When I use a tuning fork on a scar, it has more mobility, it softens, loosens, and then fluids begin to move across the scar.   I love working with tuning forks, they are grounding, balancing, opening, bridging, and expansive.

“After a tuning fork session, clients often find relief of muscle tension and more freedom of movement”

Several years ago I was sick, and part of my treatment included the use of an IV port.   It was inserted under my skin, just below my clavicle. When I had it removed, it had become encapsulated.  Once the port was removed, it left a small marble size ball that was restricting the range of motion in my arm, and was causing me pain.  I decided to use the turning fork on it.  The first time it reduced in size by half!  So I used it a few more times.   A few days later I thought I should use it again, and I was surprised to find that the hard ball was gone! My freedom of movement and range of motion returned, and my pain was gone.

I have since added tuning forks to my treatments

  1. A client that I see has secondary lymphedema in her right leg. It includes a fairly large scar blocking  drainage in the upper thigh.  The scar was red and raised.  The tuning forks send sound waves that vibrate and travel deep into the body.  My focus was on moving fluid from her leg.  Using an acupuncture point on the medial side of her knee, I applied the tuning fork to this point; she then started to feel her leg draining.  In her subsequent visits, I added the tuning fork treatment of the scar consistently,  and my client could feel fluid drain through the area.   Later she reported that the scar felt softer and flatter.
  2. My next client had a tummy tuck after losing a lot of weight. A horizontal scar was across his lower abdomen from hip to hip. It was very congested, with a buildup of scar tissue. I applied the tuning forks, and my client could feel the vibration move across the scar from one side to the other.  We both observed that the scar softened, fluid started to move, and the color of the scar became lighter.

Working with Tuning Forks has been an inspirational journey for me.   It reminds me that so much of our healing is simple and readily available to us. Tuning Forks can help with the healing process, moving scar tissue and fluids, and reducing tension in general.    They also offer a gentle reminder of what comfort and ease feel like.   Come and experience the power of vibration!

Beverly Dowdle works at The Therapeutic Alternative.   She offers treatments that combine the use of tuning forks with lymphatic drainage and body brushing.    If you are interested in a treatment, contact Beverly at or call at 561-392-3340.




Hi Beverley
Was wondering if you can help us.
My Daughter Leah has Adhesive Arachnoiditis caused by a lumber puncture which caused a spinal fluid leak leading to blood patches causing the Adehsive Arachnoiditis in her spine, and she is losing her battle, she has unmanageable horrendous symptoms and is in uncontrollable pain.

We have been looking into Tuning forks to help with the scar tissue and inflammation which causes more scar tissue in her spine which causes symptoms in a great percentage of her body.
We found that 13hz was the one for scar tissue but can’t find any

Could you advise please we are desperate
Thank you
Leah’s mum

Diane Sutton

My husband is afflicted with multiple Sebacious Cysts. He had had several removed and/ or drained. He has lots of scars and they keep coming back- even under the scars. Could Tuning Forks help dissolve the cyst material? Could we use sound to somehow prevent them? Any information would be helpful. What makes a good tuning fork? Prices range a lot online.

Thank you.


Hello, I am an occupational therapist that has been using tuning fork technology on hand scars. I have just been using one tuning fork across the area – it is recommended to use two with one on each side of the scar?


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