Activ-8™ Spray 1oz



Eight Flowers to Empower positive purpose and passion

  • Blackberry – Stimulating the will to act upon the mind’s goals and intentions; counteracting lethargy and procrastination
  • Cayenne – A flame-like catalyst that sparks sluggish metabolism
  • Red Penstemon – Encouraging greater determination and tenacity when encountering obstacles or challenges
  • Red Larkspur – Infusing the soul with forces of charisma and leadership that radiate into the will and physical body
  • Sunflower – Positive self-awareness that shines out into the world
  • Madia – Ability to focus and channel light forces for awake expression in the world
  • Dandelion – Assisting the will toward sustained manifestation without burn-out or excessive tension
  • Blazing Star – Allowing the interior foundation of feminine receptivity to provide support and balance for outer action in the world
  • Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Cardamon

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